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Elliott zigzag pattern and leading diagonal

Description:  Clearly understand the correlation between the leading diagonal and Elliott wave zigzag pattern.  Improve Elliott wave analysis by knowing exactly when to buy or sell if the first Elliott wave is extended.
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The Power Of The Zigzag Pattern

Description:  Add more firing power to your Elliott wave analysis.
Easily understand how to use the power of the zigzag Elliott wave pattern for better day or swing trading results.  
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Elliott Zigzag pattern: C-wave forecast

Description:   How to forecast Elliott C-wave of

zigzag pattern is a trading video tutorial that

reveals to the Elliott wave principle students

how one can forecast the C-wave of the

Elliott wave zigzag pattern.

Elliott Zigzag pattern or ABC

This is a simple zigzag pattern.  

Notice the ABC corrective waves.  

Three waves structure.





Elliott Complex zigzag pattern

Elliott Double zigzag pattern

A double zigzag is a pair of simple zigzag

connected with 123 in the middle.  

It is a seven-wave structure.



Elliott Complex double zigzag 

Comparing the complex double zig zag

to the normal a double zig zag.



Elliott wave cycles

     Notice twenty one waves in the up trend and three

     waves ABC in the corrective phase

     Notice that the ABC correction has canceled

     the last five waves.  Twenty four waves.

     There is also a complex Elliott wave cycle but

      this is the simple Elliott wave cycle.





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