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How to count waves and the Elliott waves


Waves Count Validation

How I Validate My Elliott Wave Count Like A Pro

Description:  Know how to validate Elliott wave count like an expert.
Step by step effective approach to ascertain if the Elliott
wave analysis has added up.
Be ready to
improve waves count.

1/ How I (George) validate my Elliott wave count like a pro,
2/ combining
fifteen-minute chart and 4-hour chart,
3/ best tips and tricks to validate Elliott waves count,
Market and wave patterns.



Image = "A stock chart that is exhibiting a five valid waves count in a downtrend"



How I Validate My Elliott Wave Count Like A Pro Part 2

Description: Step by step method to validate Elliott wave count

Know how to avoid the Elliott wave analysis critical errors.
Get watching more.





How I Validate My Elliott Wave Count Like A Pro Part 3

Description: A real time demonstration of Elliott wave analysis

using true validation method.




How I Validate My Elliott Wave Count Like A Pro Part 4

Description: Learn how to avoid Elliott wave count mistakes by following

the correct procedure of waves validation.  The financial market is dynamic. 
Consequently, the Elliott wave count is also dynamic.  After the primary wave

count, one ought to use a multiple times frame to align minor waves with higher

degrees wave count.

A common wave analysis error is to use one time frame.  Indeed by checking

different time period in view to align a wave count of a specific time frame

with another, one can quickly detect critical wave count errors before it is too late.
Really one can not afford to
violate the three market patterns when

counting waves.











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