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How to count waves and the Elliott waves

Corrective Wave Triangle

Clear Understanding Of Triangles In Technical Analysis


A technical trading video that aims to clarify once and for all
triangle chart patterns trading.  This is a 360 degree explanation
of common triangle chart patterns technical trading.  At the end

of this tutorial, one will have a clear understanding of triangle
and know how to use them more profitably.
Talking points:
1/ what is the real meaning of a triangle pattern in technical trading,
2/ ascending, descending, symmetrical and expanded triangle,
3/ Why a triangle pattern is not always a continuation pattern,
4/ Elliott wave ending diagonal,
5/ Elliott wave triangles analysis and
6/ Clear understanding of each triangle chart pattern.







Elliott Wave Dow Jones Trader Is Using Expanding Triangle


Know how to use the Elliott wave expanding triangle or
ABCDE chart pattern like a professional trader.  Discover
how this Dow Jones trader uses it and learn more effective
wave trading strategies.





Image = "four drawings that are depicting four

different types of Elliott wave triangles"


How To Trade Elliott Wave Corrective Triangles From A Different Angle


Know how to forecast the next price movement using
the Elliott wave corrective triangle patterns like an expert.
Discover the secrets of the Elliott wave triangles and
apply them to better your wave trading strategies today.
This tutorial is also a demonstration of a real market forecast
using the Elliott wave triangles from a different angle.

Watch, rate and share this video tutorial today.


















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