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Elliott Wave Time Frame

What are the Elliott wave times frame?
That is the question I will be discussing today.  I will be talking about the best times frame for Elliott trading.  Whether one is a day and swing trader or investor, the Elliott wave times frame are essential.

I will also be talking about my favourite Elliott wave times frame.  I hope one will find it useful.  Let's get started.

General Rule About Elliott Wave Times Frame

One can use any time frame as an Elliott wave trader as long as one is combining it with the corresponding higher and lower times frame. 

Never use just one time frame for the Elliott wave analysis.

For example if one is day trading on the hourly chart, one will use the daily chart (higher time frame) and three-minute chart (lower time frame) in conjunction with the hourly chart for the Elliott wave analysis.

Though, one is analysing the hourly wave structures, one ought to validate the hourly waves count on both daily and three-minute charts.

Best Elliott Wave Time Frame

In my opinion and experience, the best Elliott wave analysis time frame is the monthly chart.  One that is counting waves on the monthly chart will validate it on both yearly and daily charts.  With that approach, one will not miss anything that one ought to know.  

This article is not about the Elliott wave validation as such, but Elliott wave time frames.  I highly recommend the monthly chart.   

Whether one is day trading or swing trading and investing, the monthly chart will shed more light than any other time frame.  There is no serious wave analyst who does not adopt that approach.

Daily Chart Wave Time Frame

There is nothing wrong with counting waves on the daily chart as long as one knows that it is a bit speculative or short sighted.  One that is using the daily chart ought to validate wave structures on both monthly and hourly charts.  That validation is speculative in many cases if one does not check the yearly chart ( because of the monthly chart). 

To put it bluntly, all wave analysis ought to connect to the yearly chart.  In many cases, both day and swing traders get away with that error because of the monthly chart. 

Elliott Wave Hourly Time Frame

For scalping purposes, skilful wave traders  play the waves count game on the hourly chart, but also validate it on both daily and three-minute charts.   The hourly chart wave time frame is more speculative than the daily chart's because many hourly chart traders do not even check the monthly chart.

Please understand that as long as one knows the difference between a valid wave count and speculative one, one may get away with it.  The trouble is that, not all wave traders can connect the lower times frame with the yearly or at least monthly chart.

Alright do not worry because I will be sharing with you how to go about that.

Elliott Wave Fifteen Time Frame

The fifteen-minute chart is good for day traders who trade the Elliott wave patterns.  Please hear me well, I say wave patterns on 15M chart. 

I look for the flat corrective wave patterns on the 15M chart for day trading purposes.  If one loves to trade the Elliott wave patterns, one can use the 15M chart.  A wave pattern swing trader can use the weekly chart. 

I do not use the weekly chart for Elliott trading unless I am using the quarterly chart as a higher time frame.

Remember that it a gross trading error to use a single time frame when it comes to Elliott wave times frame.

Therefore, one that is trading the wave patterns on 15M chart must validate the patterns on both 4H and 5M or 3M charts.

Weekly chart wave patterns traders will use both quarterly and 4H or 2H charts.
In those circumstances, the focus is on the wave and market patterns to avoid other common trading errors.

3M And 5M Elliott Wave Times Frame

Believe it or not, professional Elliott wave traders do speculate on both 3M and 5M charts if they are scalping at a faster pace.
I would say that is not for beginners.

Though, most beginners love those two times frame, they are really competing with more agile Elliott wave traders who know how that lower time frame wave trading game is played.

In fact, an experience Elliott wave trader can connect both 5M and 3M charts to the yearly (even monthly chart).

The question is are you able to see beyond the curtain, veil or cloud of the lower times frame?  Now, there is a thought.  

More About Elliott Wave Times Frame 

One can use any time frame if one can connect it to the corresponding times frame. 

However, each trader has his or her own favourite Elliott wave times frame.  Really, it is pointless to hang on to those favourite wave times frame if one does not grasp how to complete a valid top-down wave analysis.  

Usually, one will argue that this or that is my favourite Elliott wave time frame.  Really it does not matter because it all comes down to the multiple times frame waves count validation.

My Favourite Elliott Wave Time Time

Well, I have said it hundred times before, it is the monthly chart.  I also love the 15M chart's wave patterns for day trading.  For all my waves count, I must see the the yearly chart if not I will call it a speculative waves count.  

I rarely use the daily chart, but only in conjunction with the monthly chart.  Yes, I also love to play the speculative Elliott wave analysis on the three minute-chart for scalping and day trading.  I like the three-minute chart very much.
Please do not ask me why?  Ha Ha Ha  

Is there anything else I need to add?
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There is no perfect Elliott wave times frame, but only multiple Elliott wave times frame that help to validate the wave analysis. 

Never use just one time frame for the Elliott waves count. 

The specific corresponding lower time frame reveals the internal waves of the main wave count time frame.  Similarly, the specific corresponding higher time frame helps to validate the waves count.  Without those two corresponding Elliott wave times frame, the waves count could not stand; therefore becomes speculative.

As I always say, a technical trader who has not yet mastered the different times frame trading is not trading like a professional.  That is also true for the Elliott wave traders.

Alright, do not feel overwhelmed by the way I put it to you, because slowly but surely, you will start seeing clearly to the point of seeing through things as a more experienced Elliott wave trader. 

Happy Elliott Wave Trading
To All

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