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How to count waves and the Elliott waves

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Elliott X-Wave 

The Elliott X-Wave

It is almost impossible to become fluent in complex
Elliott wave analysis if one does grasp the Elliott X-Wave. The Elliott X-wave is also an essential

component of the Elliott wave combinations. One example of Elliott combinations is

the unavoidable WXY wave pattern.
Usually, the Elliott X-wave connects the following:
a flat corrective wave and zigzag pattern;
a zigzag pattern and ABCDE Elliott wave triangle;
Elliott wave flat correction and wave triangle pattern,
and two zigzag patterns (double zigzag) or three zigzag (triple zigzag).
In those instances, the Elliott X-wave is a connecting wave (connector) because it binds or

connects two corrective Elliott waves.

The Root Of The Elliott X-wave

The Elliott wave cycle is formed of a motive wave and corrective phase. However, the

corrective phase can extend beyond expectations. And in those instances, instead of a

normal flat, zigzag or triangle corrective wave pattern, the corrective phase often turns

into a combination of different types of corrective waves
or Elliott wave combinations.
Indeed, many traders who are expecting a new trend at the end of a normal zigzag, flat

or triangle wave pattern are the first buyers.
Nevertheless, it is not guaranteed that the new trend will continue. In many instances

where the new trend stalls, it generates the Elliott X-Wave that is ultimately the failure of a new trend. That failure will subsequently lead to a new correction that corrects the Elliott X-wave.

Furthermore, at the end of the new correction, other buyers will attempt to catch the new

expected trend, but that also fails, engendering a second Elliott X-wave. In fact that process can

create a double or triple zigzag patterns (or any other Elliott wave combinations).

The Elliott wave combinations are complex Elliott wave patterns or multiple corrective

waves that are linked to one and another by the Elliott X-WAVE. In practical Elliott wave trading,

it is quite challenging to decipher a complex Elliott wave count or analysis if one is not fluent

in mastering the Elliott X-wave.