Free Elliott Wave Strategies

How to count waves and the Elliott waves

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Elliott test one


1/ There is usually a fake bearish divergence during the first Elliott wave at the start of an uptrend.  Yes or No?

 2/ One can notice an invalid bullish divergence during the first Elliott wave at the start of a downtrend. Yes or No

 3/ How can one recognize clearly the first wave?

 4/ What is the most important moving average according to Georgetrio?



Elliott test 2

1/ What should you do if the second wave cancels the first wave?

 2/ How do you know that the second wave has cancelled the first wave? 

 3/ What is a retracement?

 4/ What is the maximum Fibonacci retracement for a valid second wave? 

Elliott test 3 to 5

 Test 3

1/ What are the market patterns?

 2/  You  should look for opportunities to sell at the end of the  fifth Elliott wave

 in uptrend.  Yes or No?

 3/ ABC correction follows the fifth Elliott wave.  Yes OR no?                                  

 4/ We usually see a clear valid MACD(12,26,9) bullish divergence  at the end of

 the fifth Elliott wave in a downtrend.  Yes or No? 


Test 4 

 1/ One can seek to buy at the end of the fifth Elliott wave in the  downtrend.   Yes OR No?

 2/ A clear valid MACD(12,26,9) bearish divergence is observed at  the end of the fifth Elliott wave in the uptrend. Yes or  No?

 3/ What is the longest Elliott wave?

 4/ Volume usually peaks at the start of the third wave.  Yes or  No? 


Test 5 

 1/ Which TSTW24 signal catches consistently the third Elliott  Wave, especially

 on the daily chart?

 2/ What is T S T W 24?

 3/ What does TSTW stands for?

 4/  How do you detect the end of the uptrend? 







Elliott test 6

1/ How many clear rising TOPS, should you see after all the five Elliott waves in the uptrend?

 2/ How do you spot the end of a downtrend?

 3/ How many TSTW do we have?

 4/ How many clear falling BOTTOMS, should we notice after all the five Elliott waves in a downtrend? 

Elliott test 7

1/ How can you forecast the end of the third wave?

 2/ Traders use the Fibonacci projection or extension to set price target to spot

     the end of the third Elliott wave.

 3/ What should you quickly do when your trade is in profit to protect your capital especially when

     trading volatile stocks like Google,  Apple or currency like GBPJPY or EURCAD?

 4/ What is your first priority as a trader? 


Elliott test 8

1/ What should the price display during an uptrend?

 2/ The price displays lower lows and lower highs during a downtrend.  Yes or No?

 3/ What is the first TSTW24 released to the public so far?

 4/  Single green signal / Double green / Triple green / Another Triple green are the

     normal sequence of signals given by the TSTW24 is a valid uptrend.  Yes or No? 

Elliott test 9

1/ Which market pattern always preceed a valid trend?

 2/ How can you recognize a consolidation period?

 3/ How do you trade the consolidation period?

 4/ Why is it so important to know before everything else the present market pattern

Elliott test 10

1/ The slow stochastic is normally overbought during the third Elliott wave in a uptrend, fooling 

    unaware traders to look for opportunities to sell instead of BUYING.  Yes or No?

 2/ What is the favourite Elliott wave of swing traders?

 3/ Why the third wave is the longest?

 4/ How do you buy into an uptrend?  


Elliott test 11

1/ The slow stochastic is very often oversold during the third Elliott wave in a downtrend, leading 

    unaware traders into buying instead of looking for opportunities to sell.  Yes or No?

 2/ How do you sell into a downtrend?

 3/ Using a consolidation trading method in a trending market is sure way to pour your hard

    earned money into the drain instead of giving it to a charity.  Yes or No?

 4/ One should look for opportunities to sell at the upper Bollinger band and to buy at the

    lower Bollinger band (50,2) in the consolidation period.  Yes or No?  

Elliott test 12

1/ TSTW stands for Trading Systems That Work.  Yes Or No?

 2/ There are five TSTW. Yes or No?

 3/ Eliot waves theory is a science and should be use blindly without paying attention

    to economic news, market sentiment or the price itself.   No or No?

4/ Trading offers excellent gains but also nasty losses and one must always be aware of the

    risks of loss and never ever use money, one can not afford to lose?  YES OR YES 


Trading priority

Thank you for testing yourself, and for visiting

We hope, you find this test useful and will use the knowledge gained

to improve your trading.  As always use stop loss.  Please remember, as a trader

your first priority is to protect your trading capital, to manage and to control risks.

Trade like a pro or learn to trade like a pro, there is no middle way.

Whichever trading tools, you want to use, test and retest them before going live.

From myself and the's team, we wish you every success

in your trading.  Until the next time, enjoy yourself and be very happy.




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