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How To Find Hidden Internal Elliott Waves

When Elliott wave traders are searching for the internal waves,
there are times when those internal waves are hidden.  The question 
is how to find the hidden internal Elliott waves.  

This article will help wave traders understand more the hidden internal Elliott waves and isolate them when needed most.  

Let's get started.

Role Internal Elliott Waves

Internal Elliott waves help to define more precisely an Elliott wave pattern.  For example the price structure with the internal waves (3, 3, 5) defines the flat corrective wave.  The structure (5,3, 5, 3, 5) helps to define an impulse or motive wave.  

During an Elliott wave analysis, the internal Elliott waves can help to shed more light onto a very complex price structure.
They also help to diffuse confusion or doubt and help wave traders 
interpret the language of the price structures more precisely.

Why Internal Elliott Waves Are Sometimes Hidden?

Volatility and high speed price-action often lead to hidden internal Elliott waves.

Instead of an orderly price move, one has a leap of the price-action from a point A to B without any intermediate price's trajectory.  For example, the A minor wave of a zigzag on the monthly chart may just be a very long monthly candlestick bar.  Where are the five internal waves?  The B minor wave of a flat correction may not reveal its three internal waves on a particular time frame.  Where are they?  

Sometimes, a distortion can cause hidden internal 
Elliott waves.  Note that on the very low times frame, due to the market noise, one may not spot the internal Elliott waves.  Some of the internal waves of the ABCDE Elliott wave triangle are often hidden because the triangle (shape or pattern) is more important  than the internal Elliott waves (3,3,3,3,3).  

Also a distinctive price target and market orders attract the price like a magnet, and can cause it to leap from point A to B without exposing
the internal Elliott waves.  

Please do not expect to see the internal Elliott waves of a sharp correction.  This is often the case for either A and C minor waves of the zigzag pattern.  So, all in all, those are the factors that usually create hidden internal Elliott waves.

Finding Hidden Internal Elliott Waves

The internal Elliott waves help to validate the Elliott waves count after the preliminary waves count.  One is using three different times frame during the validation, but one really relies on the internal Elliott waves to connect the dots.  

It becomes a bit tricky to validate the wave count when the internal Elliott waves are hidden.  To understand more how to validate waves count, please check my web page about the Elliott wave validation tips and tricks.  

It is pointless that I repeat myself one more time. 
If one is validating the daily chart's Elliott wave count, one will connect it to the wave structures on both hourly and monthly chart.  

Monthly wave count..........daily and yearly.
Quarterly wave count........weekly and yearly
Hourly wave count.........10M and daily
4H or 2H wave count validation........15M and weekly

If that seems a bit too much for you now, then just smile and
come back another time, and start asking more and more questions.
By doing so, you may be surprised to notice that things are 
becoming clearer and clearer.  

Most of the times, the internal Elliott waves become visible on the corresponding lower time frame.  So, one is more likely to find the daily chart hidden internal Elliott waves on the hourly chart.  The hidden monthly internal Elliott waves may be uncovered on the daily chart.
Similarly, 2H or 4H chart hidden internal waves are likely to show their face on the 15M chart.

It is possible that after searching for the hidden internal Elliott waves on both the corresponding lower and higher times frame, one may not see them.  Well, if there are still invisible then please do not create them.  Leave them alone, but be sure to draw your channels and common
sense trend lines.  

Job done and really, that is all one can do.  Do not think you are a useless wave trader.  Of course if they there you will find them.

The general rule is that hidden internal Elliott waves are more visible on the corresponding lower time frame, but one must search for them on both the corresponding lower and higher times frame.  

The internal Elliott waves play a major role in the accurate validation of the Elliott wave count.  They also help to defuse confusions,
disagreements, complexities among Elliott wave traders.  They are indispensable in reassuring one that everything is aligning beautifully.  

Truly, they give peace after long hours dealing with complex Elliott wave

What Do To When One Could Not Find Internal Elliott Waves
Or Validate Waves Count?

Have you been asking that question?  Well, I can read your mind.

Every Elliott wave practitioner will come across some wave structures that are not very friendly.  After many hours trying to connect the dots, one may still not be satisfied.  Well, what could you do?

One can decide not to use that wave analysis (not to trade it), and freely walk away from it without looking back.

One can also decide to use it, but with a big question mark on it.  In that instance, one is knowingly taking a risk, but one knows what one is doing.  Therefore, one must go ahead carefully. Please do not expose yourself, but cover yourself (be defensive and agile).

A better way to handle those invisible or hidden internal Elliott waves is to draw all the channels on those three key times frame, and do not violate the market patterns.  The violation of the market patterns is one the six biggest trading mistakes that technical traders love to make.  

Please stick to the market patterns and flow with the channels or triangles.

Becoming A Better Internal Elliott Waves Trader

It is always a gross error to disregard the experience of a wave trader.  Please do not get into that.  

Not all Elliott wave traders are the same.  They may have the same knowledge or skills but different experiences.  The trials and tribulations create those experiences.

Therefore, when it comes to dealing with the hidden internal waves, do not put yourself down too quickly because it may be quite difficult at the start.  However, keep learning, use a demo account and over the years, you will gain more experience.  Sometimes, just because of the lack of experience, an Elliott wave trader may struggle to find the internal waves.  Well, please stick to the market patterns.

On other occasions, one may have to go back to those tricky wave structures many times before one can finally see through them.  Just know that you are not trying to impress anybody, and the most important thing is to get something out of the trade.  

Please do not get carried away with the excitement, but stick to a simpler waves validation approach.  All good?  That is it.


The internal Elliott waves define or certify the identity of an Elliott wave pattern.

Therefore, an Elliott wave analyst who can not find the hidden internal Elliott waves must use both the corresponding lower and higher times frame to uncover them.  Hidden internal Elliott waves on one time frame may be more visible on another.  

Sometimes, after searching for them they are nowhere to be found.  In that instance, one must not violate the market patterns (draw channels).  It can be tiring and difficult to isolate hidden internal Elliott waves.  

Please do not give up, but with more time and experience, one can improve fast.

If this article is useful to you, please share and bookmark it.  I will really appreciate it.  Please post relevant questions and comments at 24Elliottwaves channel and in due course, I will get back to you.

I wish you the very best.
Happy Trading To All

This article is written by George Beaulieu
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