Free Elliott Wave Strategies

How to count waves and the Elliott waves

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Wave principle applied to Markets

Description:  Learn and understand thoroughly

how to apply the wave principle to mass financial

markets.  At the end of this video, one will truly

grasp the ins and outs of the mind games Elliott

wave market trading. 

Third wave mind games

Description:  Using the mind game to beat market.  This video explains to traders how traders can go into the mind of other market participants during the third Elliott wave and make profitable trades like the expert.

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Second wave mind games

Description:  The second Elliott wave announces the longest wave.  To achieve a great amount of profit during the third Elliott wave, one should thoroughly grasp the second wave's mind games.  Learn more today and remember to rate this video at the end.

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 First wave mind games

Description:  Know how the mind games can change markets dynamics if the first wave is extended.
Learn to use markets' psychology to make better wave trading decisions.
Keywords:  First wave, first trade, bullish stocks, trading psychology, advanced trading, second wave, third wave, Apple trading, the wave theory, Fibonacci  







The 5th wave mind games


Description:  Commodities, Forex, stocks, futures and options trading using the mind games during the fifth Elliott wave. Understand the psychology of the market during the last lap of the 5th wave. Watch and rate this video today.

Keywords:  The 5th wave, video, mind games, chart analysis, advanced chart analysis, Forex technical analysis, stocks technical analysis, commodities technical analysis 

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