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My story

My story is the same story for every ordinary trader.  Loss, loss, loss, and loss. Losing.  

However, the difference between myself and any ordinary traders is that; I was a natural loser.  

You may consider yourself master of all losers but I disagree and I believe no trader has ever lost at the same

rate like myself.  This is not about how much I lost but how frequent, how often, how many times I keep losing.

That is the main difference.  I lost to the point that, there was no more loss left in me.  

At that juncture, I become almost immune against consistent losing if you accept that.


Though, I was a natural loser, I always confront my losing trades.  I will surely review them, looking at

each losing trade until I diagnose the main reason behind the loss.  Sometimes, I will spend hours just sitting

and looking at the live chart, without placing a trade, just looking, trying to communicate with the price and to

discover something valuable.  I also watched many Youtube videos, read trading articles on the webs.

I was also trying every indicator, every free trading system on the web.  I felt like everything was against me

but I refuse to quit because I recognise that my quitting will surely certified my complete failure in this challenge.

Yes the pain was unbearable but I did one thing right.  I was not gambling, I was not taking too much or big

risks.  I took risks but all were tiny risks each time.  I do not know why but I was happy with those tiny risks.

Truly, that is what kept me in this messy market.  After the blame game, after blaming everybody else, except

myself, I finally made the decision to locate what remains stable in this chaotic market.  To find just one stable

data which I can work with.  That was my turning point.

I have discovered that, though the market looks very messy and confusing, there are stable datum, there

are principles, and patterns that the market and the price follow faithfully.  From that clear observation, I can now

start building my new ability to trade.  Without doubts, trading should be enjoyed like everything else in life but

life is not all about trading.  Some may find better rewarding things in life to do apart from trading.

May be, you are not sure about what to do next, then go back and review your past.  It may be helpful to take

few steps back before going forward. 


Dear trader and friend, I have learnt everything about trading the hard way but I have no regrets, I do not blame

anybody, I am responsible for my decision to trade like a pro.  Now I survive when many have been taken out of

the trading game.  The most important thing is your survival in this market.  Now I understand that losing is part

of trading and trading is part of losing and winning but the ability to manage and control risks is our first survival

kit.  Please remember that.  Yes, I do have losing trades but no more consistent losing trades.




Simply because, I understand the market patterns, I know that the market trends, pauses and trends again.

This is a stable data.  I understand the stable datum, I respect other market participants, I stop doing my own

thing in isolation and in total disrespect to others, and I pay attention to the economic news and to the trading

seasons.  I also know that my first priority is to protect my trading capital and never compromise on that.

I focus only on high probability trades with limited risks that put maximum odds in my favour.

I recognise that every trade has elements of risk and elements of reward, therefore I always use a guarantee

stop loss in order to avoid nasty surprises.  Instead of being impatient, courageous, stubborn, I am now more

calm, patient, and humble.  I always know that the market is not my father's business and there are always

better opportunities  in the market.


Let me say that, every trader is a different person,  different trading systems or methods are used in the market.

Every trading day is unique but the price, the number one indicator speaks the same language.

Learn it, speak it, understand it and be fluent  in it.  It is the universal language of all traders whether black,

white, small, big, strong, weak, proud or humble, young, old, winner or loser, female or male.

I wish I knew this language earlier.  No one can do it for you and it will not come from somewhere else but it will

start from and end with you.


Whether it is bitter, sour or sweet, enjoy it but know that you are not the first, the last or the only one.

Lastly, to win is to lose and to lose is to win.  When one wins, another loses and vice versa.

Having said that, it is not ok to lose consistently and abundantly.  We wish you the very best in your trading

and we hope this story has been useful to you.  Until the next time enjoy yourself and be very very happy.


TSTW team