Free Elliott Wave Strategies

How to count waves and the Elliott waves

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The Elliott wave quizzes

1/ what is Elliott wave failure?

2/ what is the synonym for the Elliott wave failure?

3/ Where does the truncation take place?

4/ Why does an Elliott wave failure occur in a bullish trend?

5/ why does it happen in a downtrend?

6/ List two chart patterns that typically
emphasize an Elliott wave failure.

7/ it is OK to use the wave analysis without weighing the

a/ Oh yes
b/ not certain
c/ never

8/ The Elliott wave failure occurs during the fifth Elliott wave.
a/ correct
b/ not sure

9/ the synonym for Elliott wave failure is truncation.
a/ yes
b/not sure

10/ Truncation occurs at the same time that the fifth Elliott

wave falls short to surpass the high of the third wave in an

uptrend or low of the third wave in a downtrend.

a/ yes
b/ incorrect answer
c/ not sure

11/ why is it vital to know how to trade a double bottom or

top chart pattern when trading the Elliott wave failure?

12/ how can a market cycle cause an Elliott wave failure or


13/ An Elliott wave failure in uptrend symbolizes a receding

bullish momentum.
a/ yes
b/ not sure
c/ too good to be true

14/ Name three technical trading determinants that precede

an Elliott wave failure.

15/ Identify three fundamental analysis criteria that precede

an Elliott wave failure.

16/ by what method one can sell at the conclusion of an Elliott

wave failure like a pro?

17/ in what way one can buy at the end of an Elliott wave

failure like a pro?

18/ To gain mastery in the truncation trading or investing,

it sufficient to

a/ retain everything on this matter; moreover be able to recall

it like a parrot
b/ gradually understand the theory, and consolidate both

technical and fundamental analysis to develop the mindset

of active smart Elliott wave traders.
c/ focus on the technical analysis of the Elliott wave failure.

19/ Which YouTube channel is assigned
to teaching traders how to gain mastery in the Elliott wave


a/ 24elliottwaves
b/ dayprotraders
c/ georgetrio

How to trade the Elliott wave failure

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