Free Elliott Wave Strategies

How to count waves and the Elliott waves

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Combine Elliott wave & Pitchfork Tool

Expanded flat corrective waves

Description:  Expanded flat correction explained.  Explaining to traders exactly what is taking place during this formation and more about the wave theory.

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Zigzag correction


 Description:  A thorough explanation about the wave

 theory applied to the zigzag Elliott wave pattern trading.

Keywords: zigzag pattern, zigzag correction, wave theory,

the wave theory, zigzag wave trading strategies,

how to apply zigzag pattern, what is zigzag pattern


Zigzag correction tips 


Description:  Practical trading tips applied to the zigzag pattern.

Learn trade and master the wave theory like the experts.

Keywords:  wave theory tips, wave trading practical tips, wave analysis best techniques, day trading using zigzag pattern, swing trading using the zigzag wave structure, online trading tips, wave theory 








Classic flat correction

Description:  Learn to understand and to recognize (or identify) a classic flat corrective wave structure. 

Keywords: how to identify a wave pattern, what is a flat correction, what is an irregular flat corrective wave, what is an expanded flat correction, chart patterns, wave structures, wave theory, wave trading education, free wave analysis tips, 


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