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How to count waves and the Elliott waves

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WXY Wave Structure Explained

The WXY is a complex Elliott wave that is subdivided into three minor waves 

W, X and Y. Its internal structure is (3, 3, 3).
In effect, the number three relates to corrective waves, therefore the structure
(3, 3, 3) indicates that the WXY wave pattern is composed of three distinctive
corrective waves.

There are four essential corrective waves.

1/ Zigzag Pattern
2/ Flat Corrective Wave
3/ Elliott Wave Triangle ABCDE
4/ Elliott Wave Combinations or Multiple Corrective Waves.

The WXY is an Elliott wave combination
because it regroups three corrective waves. It is also a complex corrective Elliott 


The W-wave

The W-wave can take the form of a zigzag or flat correction but not a triangle. 

Moreover, the W-wave can also
be WXY own its own. In that case the W-wave is a minor wxy that forms the 

first component of a bigger WXY.

The X-Wave

The main characteristic of the X-wave is a trend that has failed. 

The X-wave is theoretically subdivided into three minor waves.

Here again, one should focus on three as one, two and three 

distinctive internal waves but three

as corrective wave or a trend that has failed.

For more 

information about the X-wave check out the video below.

The Y-wave

The Y-wave can take the form of a
triangle, zigzag, flat correction or Elliott
wave combination.

Examples Of WXY

1/ Double three
A double three is a WXY wave where the W-wave and Y-wave are zigzag patterns.
Understand that the X-wave is a connector wave because it binds two corrective 

waves. In this instance, the X-wave is connecting two zigzag patterns.

2/ Another example of WXY occurs when the X-wave is connecting 
1/a flat correction and zigzag.
2/ a zigzag and triangle.
3/ a flat correction and another flat
4/ a mini wxy and a flat or triangle.

WXY Elliott Wave Test

1/ WXY Elliott Wave pattern is a complex
wave. Yes/No?
2/ WXY Elliott wave structure is (3, 3, 3). Yes/No?
3/ Talking about Elliott wave internal waves, the number three indicates a corrective 

wave. Yes/No?
4/ The Elliott wave structure (3, 3, 3) indicates a corrective wave that is subdivided 

into three corrective waves.
5/ The W-wave of the WXY wave should not be a triangle. Yes/No?
6/ The W-wave of the WXY wave can be a flat correction, zigzag or a combination. 

7/ The Y-wave of the WXY wave can be a flat correction, zigzag, triangle or a 

combination. Yes/No?
8/ The X-wave of the WXY wave is a connector wave because it joins the W and 

Y waves. Yes/No?
9/ Tell us why the X-wave is a trend that has failed.
10/ In the case of a more complex WXY, the X or Y wave can be on its own a mini
wxy. Yes/No?
11/ A double three is a WXY wave pattern where the W and Y waves are zigzag 

patterns. True or false?
12/ What is the difference between the double three and triple three?
13/ How to use the WXY wave pattern
to pinpoint reversal trading signals?
14/ After an X wave, one will forecast that the price-action will be a corrective 

pattern. True or false?
15/ The WXY is often a complex or prolonged corrective phase after a trending 

phase. True or false?
16/ To master the WXY Elliott wave pattern is to use a demo account to apply 

the wave theory until one gains more experience and skills. True or Correct?